Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Wendy's Blogaversary Blogfest featuring the Letter 'M' - A to Z Challenge

Happy Blogaversary Wendy Tyler Ryan! Check out her blog! It's very cool and full of great information about self-publishing, her upcoming book release and all things Canadian!

Wendy asked for her fellow bloggers to join her on her 1 year Blogaversary and use their Letter 'M' from the A to Z Challenge to write a piece of flash fiction with a dark feel. The catch...use her 6 words beginning with the letter M: mist(y), mambo, moon, musky(y), mongrel, myth.

Here is my entry:

You heard I was a myth. But I’m not.
You thought I was just a story told to children to keep them in their beds. You’re wrong.
The wind isn’t howling. I am.
Out of the corner of your eye you can almost see me.
You smelled my musk and you hoped it was a wild animal.
That coppery taste of fear in the back of your throat was caused by me.
You felt my presence and wanted to believe it was your imagination.
It’s so much worse than you think.
I’m like the Mambo, the Voodoo priestess, possessing your spirit under the moon.
I'm like the witch doctor cursing your very existence.
I’m a mongrel, a beast, a freak.
I’m the reason the monsters run and the darkness hides.
I’m what the campfire stories are all about.
I’m lying in the shadows.
I’m creeping through the mist.
I’m just behind the door.
I’m waiting under your bed.
I’m the quick indrawn breath.
I’m the high pitched scream.
I’m your nightmare come true.
Don’t try to find me…I’ll find you.


  1. Happy one year anniversary to Wendy! And ooh...I love this! I wrote something rather similar. It was about Death. *winky*

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi,

    Brillant! Great sense of malevolence, and beautifully crafted Ms. ;)


  3. great job! you were saving up =)
    Happy M Day!

  4. Very well done- I like the intensity the piece provides and the fear that lingers after the final sentence. Well done.

  5. Very nice!! Great use of the words!

  6. Wow. Nice job, Heather. I'm sufficiently creeped out.

    Thanks for entering the fest.

  7. EEeeep! Now I'm thoroughly creeped out. haha. Wonderfully and darkly done. Thanks for your comment on My Blog

  8. Wonderful goosebumps, thank you!

  9. salarsenッ - Thank you and thanks for stopping in!

    Francine - Very kind of you! Thank you!

    Tara - Ha! Thank you! I'm glad I had it in me.

    Summer - Thank you. It's nice to hear it!

    MJ - Thanks. I appreciate it.

    Wendy - Thank you. Creepy is good, right? Thanks for having a fest in a fest!

    Catherine - Glad we could share today!

    Siv - Happy to provide the bumps!

  10. Well done, Heather.... You used the words to set the scary stage.

  11. Chilling imagery! I enjoyed this free form poem.

  12. Well done Heather. That was brilliant. You created such atmosphere.

  13. Good thing it's Friday. Don't see much sleep tonight.

  14. Great ending I love it. I was almost expecting it to say don't try and find me because I am you or something along those lines. Wonderful work. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  15. Michael - Thank you! I'm glad you used the word scared!

    Marsha - I actually hadn't thought of it as a poem. I guess it could be though. Thank you.

    Ann - I appreciate that! Thanks for coming by.

    GigglesandGuns - We can sleep when we're dead!

    Josh - Thanks so much and thanks for the visit!

  16. Scary stuff. I like what you did with this.

  17. Ooh! Very creepy and chilling. Well written, that was awesome! I have chills!

  18. Oh my word you just gave me goosebumps. :-D

  19. J.L. - Thank you. I'm glad to hear it!

    Heather - That makes me happy!

    Misha - Awesome!

    I have to tell you, the comments make me smile! Is that a bad thing?

    Thanks everyone!

  20. Whoa! Creepy! I love it :) Great entry.

    East for Green Eyes


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