Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Antagonist - A to Z Challenge

A is for Antagonist.

For those of you who thought I would discuss the definitions of real literary terms during the A to Z is A-crazy! 

What the hell do I know about literature?

Oh, wait...damn. 

So, I guess A is for April Fools!

But, I'm sure that will be a heavily used topic for today as well. 

So, I guess A is for April!

It's a crazy month. Start of spring but that also means the start of the rainy season on the East Coast. Although this year the rain has been mostly in the form of that cold crap...what do you call it....snow.

April is the beginning of spring training for baseball. But, no one cares at my house because football is the only sport worth watching.

April hosts a huge number of important and just plain freaky holidays. 

Like what you ask?
-Frog Month
-International Twit Award Month
-Fiddler's Frolic Week
-Sky Awareness Week
-One Day Without Shoes Day
And of course
-That Sucks Day 
Which takes place strangely on the same day as
-Income Tax Day 

Great website for strange, unusual and untraditional monthly, weekly and daily observances-Brownielocks.

So, there you go. April. It's fun and wet and sucky.

Sounds like a good romance novel to me!

Come back tomorrow for the letter B!


  1. Loved the ramble, good luck with the challenge. Kind regards, Carole.

  2. FUN post!
    Frog Month, huh? I had no idea April was so full of weird holidays. :)

  3. April Fool's Day brought a fresh layer of snow to Massachusetts, just when it was almost all gone. :(

    I like the sound of One Day Without Shoes Day, though I probably couldn't get away with that at work...

    Enjoyed your post!

  4. This is a fun post. I like your style.
    Brownielocks is a favorite of mine.


  5. Carole Anne - Thanks for the visit! Have A wonderful day!

    Jennifer - I love that holiday sight! You get the weirdest ideas!

    Liz P - I feel your pain. It's snowing right now in NY. I'm SO done with winter! Thanks for coming.

    Mary - Who can go wrong with GigglesandGuns? Thank you!

  6. Ooh, I feel like I get a double-bonus since I mentioned frogs (and licking them) in my A-Z ambergris post today. Honestly, there IS a connection!

    Here ya go, litle miss #72! =)

  7. Well I didn't know there was a That Sucks Day - not sure I want to plan anything for that date! Looking forward to the letter B :D

  8. Thanks for your comment and look forward to more of your posts :)

  9. Ha ha April Fool huh! :O)

  10. fun and wet and sucky, sounds kind of like my life!

    found you through the A to Z challenge

  11. India - I had to read it to believe it! Thanks for stopping in, I only had to beg once!

    Lou - Sounds like we should all stay home on the 15th!

    Damyanti - Thank you and thanks for coming by!

    Alex - I'll be on your blog that day to see what you come up with!

    Madeleine - My own brand of circular logic I guess!

  12. Hehe...That Sucks Day...hehe. :)

    Happy weekend!

  13. Awesome new profile picture! April is the second month of Autumn in South Africa, so our wet and cold days are yet to come. Lucky you.

  14. I'm all for Day Without Shoes Day

  15. Ha! I'm so with you on baseball vs. football. Much prefer football in my house too.

  16. Those were some fun trivia, Frog month? I marked the no shoes day last year, but it was only in my house, lol...

  17. Very fun post, Heather....

    I wrote on April, too.

  18. Great Holidays, one and all.

  19. baygirl32 - No comment! I'm afraid to ask either! Thanks for coming by!

    Lola - That may be the fan favorite so far!

    Murees - I would rather the weather would turn warm. We are officially in spring but you wouldn't know it around here. Tired of being cold!

    Kristin - I wear shoes too much!

    Liz - Amen to that! I think you watch more pro and we watch more college.

    Myne - The list goes on and on. The website has lists for every month! Crazy holidays!

    Michael - Thank you. I wish the crocus were growing here! Or is that the croci?

    Ann - Thank you. They were some of my favorites!

  20. Enjoyed this post, lots of fun! ;-)

    And, I just tried to follow you here but not sure if it worked, blogger appears to be playing games again.

  21. Talei - Thank you! I'm glad I can entertain a few of you!

    Blogger is probably freaking out because of all the traffic.

  22. I love that it's frog month! :-)
    But I had to follow you because you are a "chocolate enthusiast" and a "cat addict."

  23. Rachel - Amen! As long as its not a chocolate covered cat, we are so good!


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