Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Whedon! - A to Z Challenge

Joss Whedon. Coolest. Guy. Ever.


Is there anything he can't do?

Actually I'm sure there are lots of things he can't do.

And, to be completely honest, not everything he has done has met with rave reviews, hence, his shows getting canceled a lot.

But, I think we are truly lucky to have him because he is different. He is not willing or even able to make the same'ol stuff that we see in the movies and on TV.

He breaks the molds.

He makes us think. He makes us cry. He makes us laugh...out...loud.

What's that? Anyone can do that?

Who could have predicted that Buffy and Angel would never find their 'Happily-Ever-After' together?

Or, what he would do to Tara?

Who could have predicted the ending to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog?

Who could have predicted what he would do to Wash in Serenity?

(Mr. Whedon, you're killing me!)

He is truly an evil genius in that he knows what you want and he gives it to you and when you are feeling all warm and fuzzy because of it he will literally flay the skin off your body and then incinerate you.

Ah...good times.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing Captain America: The First Avenger that comes out this year and The Avengers that he is currently shooting right this moment.

One day MGM just might release The Cabin in the Woods for our enjoyment as well.

As usual, these are just my opinions. It is, after all, my blog.

Thanks for the visit.

Come back tomorrow for the Letter X!


  1. what do you mean what would he do to me? what WOULD he do to me? (isn't it all about me?)
    happy w day =)

  2. Joss rules. I love the man and will follow whereever he leads. My J post was on Joss. I am very tempted to stalk the Ohio shooting locations for Avengers. I'd love to have five minutes with the man. Great post!

  3. The man totally rocks. Love him.

  4. The only work of his I am familiar with is Toy Story. Is that bad? (Don't answer). I have never seen Buffy or Angel. Please don't hate me.
    BTW...thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. I'm a huge Buffy fan- so he is my hero in a twisted kind of way.

  6. I heart Joss Whedon. I wrote about him today too.

  7. A man who brakes the mould and shows us the way.

  8. Is it wrong that I've never heard of this guy?

  9. Hi Heather .. obviously some guy .. can't say I know him .. but you all obviously do .. thanks for coming over and following - good to meet you .. cheers Hilary

  10. I'm such a Whedon fangirl, but you're so right! He makes me mad as a hornet having a really crappy day. Tara!? Why, Joss, why!?!?!?!

    Great post!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  11. Whedon colors outside the lines, and when he has to color inside the lines, he moves them to suit his purpose. Yes...he's terrific!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following!

  12. Tara - Sorry about that. I think you will be fine. I think. ;)

    Nicole - Let's be bad guys! If they were filming anywhere near me I think I would be there everyday...with fresh baked muffins.

    Liz - I know you do!

    Susan - It's time! It's time! Watch Joss! I don't hate you.

    Summer - Twisted good!

    M.J. - I'll be right there! Shiny!

    Ann - You got it!

    Talli - ? Really? No Joss?

    Murees - He does rock!

    Hilary - I didn't know that Buffy didn't speak UK!

    Marie - You know it. He is trying to kill us. Slowly.

    Lisa - Well said. Very well said.

    Thanks for coming by today everyone!


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