Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Uninhibited - A to Z Challenge

My life has taken many strange turns. Many.

One of them was becoming the woman on the back of a Harley.

Many would say they would want to be the driver, and part of me says that too, but I also know my limitations.

It didn't take me as long to get on as I thought it would. I trust my husband. It's everyone else that I have a problem with.

But, once I hopped on I was in love.

Riding down the road on the bike clears my head. De-stresses me. Calms me. Makes me feel better.

I love riding in mid-summer when the air is warm against my skin and I can smell BBQ's cooking and hear kids playing outside.

I love going on poker runs and to dealership events with other Harley riders. The parking lots become a sea of bikes and we just wander around looking at paint jobs and accessories.

My husband has made some beautiful additions and changes to our bike removing over half the chrome and replacing them in black. It looks awesome and evil.

I highly recommend giving motorcycle riding a chance and I hope to see you all out on the open road. I'll be waving from the back of this...


  1. Sure gets in the blood, As a biker in my younger days if I had the money I would be so tempted !


  2. I've ridden on a motorcycle just once - it was a drive to the beach and back, and it was beautiful! It took me a few turns to not think we'd touch the ground, though, and like you, I know I could never be a driver...

  3. Harley riding is big in Arizona because there is a lot of open road. Whenever we go to our cabin in northern AZ, it's not unusual to get behind double lines of Harley riders! Very cool. They seem to be having a great time. I haven't tried it. Yet.

  4. that is impressive, and a beautiful machine. I am too chicken (tried it once and that was enough). Sounds like an awesome time for you, tho!
    happy u day (and tag u r it! visit me if you want to play =)

  5. RJR - Well said. Thanks for stopping in.

    Allison - Sometimes we just know what we are cut out for. There are 3 wheel motorcycles out there now and I might try one someday but for now, I'm happy on the back.

    Liz - You have a much longer riding season out there. We only have from maybe May to October out here. We keep wondering for many reasons why we live here!

    Tara - Thank you. I know lots of people who will never get on one. We have had our share of close calls too but the good, so far, outweighs the bad experiences.

    I'll come visit to find out what the scoop is!

  6. I think motocycles are great. I'm just scared to death of them.

  7. I also think motorcycles are great.

  8. Great post! Riding a motorcycle is something I've never tried. Your post makes me want to do it!

  9. Husband is a motor bike fanatic. Loves that motor bike. Me I am more of a push bike type. Each to their own is the philosophy I am continually impressing upon Husband when he starts trying to convince me his bike is better than mine!!!

  10. My hubby keeps saying he needs me to go on the back of a bike one day. His parents are big on Harley and he wants one at some point in the future. I see it falling over and crushing us both.

  11. Only if I can keep my shirt on!
    And yeah, the movie was THAT bad!

  12. I would love to ride on a Harley some day. However, I would choose to drive! :)

  13. I love motorcycles, but they scare me to death!

  14. M.J. - HA! Had to read it twice! I think they are both great!

    Michelle - Highly recommended!

    Ann - I hear that! Husbands can be so pushy!

    Patricia - That hasn't happened, yet. We have had a few close calls with other vehicles. Not everyone is respectful of riders. Thanks for coming!

    Alex - Oh, I recommend a shirt, and boots, and jeans. I live with a Safety Guy!

    MJ - Let me know when you go!

    B's Mom - They can be scary but also exhilarating!

    Thanks everyone for the visits!

  15. I'm envious! We keep talking about getting a bike but so far that's all it has Maybe once we're empty nesters (one more year) we'll take the plunge.


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