Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for JAVA!! - A to Z Challenge

No, I didn't forget COFFEE!

I had a feeling most people would use the letter C for coffee, imagine that, and I didn't want to get lost in the crowd!

What's that? You didn't know I had a thang for coffee? You thought I was only fixated on chocolate?

Well, mostly chocolate but, I can not live without coffee.

I. Need. It. Every. Day.

Why yes, I do have an addictive personality. Booze, smokes, coffee, chocolate. They sustained me for many years.

I did give up the smokes the day I found out that 'I was not alone'. Aka pregnant. The booze I didn't give up completely but I choose not to drink nearly as much as I used to. Mother guilt.

Coffee is a true adventure in our home.

We have regular coffee that we make every day.

But, then we have our 'cool' coffee because we like to try new stuff all the time.

We used a pod machine for a long time, now we are using K-Cups. We also buy the beans to grind ourselves.

We love all kinds of coffee: German, Kona, Columbian, Espresso, Morning Blends. All so yummy good.

So, that's my story.
I love coffee.
I crave coffee.
I want coffee.
I need coffee.

As some unknown author said...a morning without coffee is like sleep.

Come back tomorrow for the Letter K! Cute pictures I promise!


  1. Have you gotten rid of the broken pod coffee maker yet? :-D

    Love coffee too - even turned your brother onto the stuff!

    Looking forward to "K" - the best letter of the alphabet!

    Love ya!

  2. I so agree with you. Coffee is critical. We actually roast our own beans (hubby does this). Java is an awesome J, and yes I think it goes great with chocolate

  3. My favorite shake is the Arby's Jamocha! coffee & chocolate =)
    Happy J Day!

  4. Personally, I don't drink coffee but that quote "a morning without coffee is like sleep" made me laugh very hard.

  5. There's more than one type of coffee around my house at any time, too. I love LOVE it, and stopped buying it in groceries in favour of specialised place a long time ago.

    All hail the coffee!

  6. Coffee and chocolate... put the two together ... YUMMMMMMM!

  7. K - Nope. I didn't throw it out yet! I'm such a loser. I know you are a big coffee fan too. Yeah, and the Letter K didn't stand for you this time.

    Rhonda - Never roasted our own beans. Not sure I'm that cool yet!

    Tara - I've never had that. Maybe I'll check it out!

    M.J. - Non coffee drinker? Hmmm. I'm not sure how that happens!

    Claudie A. - Hail!

    Michael - Yep. Good times.

  8. inquisitive,iconoclastic,imaginative,
    integral, interested in plotting romance.

  9. She jots down her jive in a journal while she jostles her juvenile as he juggles his juice.

  10. A key player, she is nobody's knockoff, she doesn't take kickbacks, she wanted to be married on a knoll, she's definitely a keeper.

  11. I just came upon your blog by the navigation button. I understand coffee drinkers. The aroma is enough to drive one up the wall.
    Wanna buy a duck

  12. I can't do without my coffee either, but I have to stop at a cup for breakfast, one at lunch and only *maybe* one in late afternoon,or I won't get to sleep at night.

  13. I have never gotten into Java, but deprive me of my can of Coke in the morning and look out!

  14. Suz - Thank you! And you beat me to K!

    Liz P. - Yeah. It's pretty great. I like the variety and that it's so fast.

    Manzanita - Welcome. The coffee aisle is my downfall at any store. Some girls like shoes...

    Catherine - I won't admit that coffee keeps me up some nights. That would suck.

    Kari - I suppose caffeine addiction is just that...addiction!
    Welcome and thanks for coming by!

  15. My wife got a gift set that included a bag of whole bean coffee so I broke down and bought a cheap coffee grinder. I'm totally sold on the whole beans. How did I go all these years without?

    Tossing It Out

  16. Lee - I'm with you! Freshly ground is the best. Thanks for the visit!


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